The Abandoned Lesson on Pope John XII

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know how much I love how completely bonkers the medieval papacy is. It’s a couple hundred years of a Pope doing something highly morally questionable followed by another Pope going, “hold my beer”. Simony, murder, illegitimate children, the exhumation and trial of the corpse of a deceased Pope.*

Earlier this week, I learned that in 964 CE, Pope John XII died of a stroke while banging his mistress. Or he was strangled by an angry husband who caught him and said mistress mid-coitus. Either way, John XII was getting busy with some married lady, and he died as a direct result.

But then…while I was at the bar watching football with my friends this morning, a site I read posted something on Pope John XII, so…there goes that plan.

Not to worry. I’ve learned a lot this week. I’ll be back with you in a little while.

*Apparently, my Catholic school education didn’t adequately prepare me for past tense Popes. I don’t actually know how one refers to Popes who have died. Former Pope? Ex-Pope? Just by name? I learned that Pope Benedict XVI is titled Pope Emeritus (which is cute and academic). But I couldn’t find any information on what one calls literally every other Pope who isn’t the sitting Pope.

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