I owe you…

20140906_154404…a post or seven. School work has been keeping me fairly busy — there’s naturally a lot of reading — and I was out on Martha’s Vineyard for a four-day weekend/some college friends’ wedding this past weekend. But it turns out that four days on Martha’s Vineyard with a bunch of college friends you haven’t seen in more than a decade is really just an excuse to hang out, swim, drink on the beach*, and eat your weight in seafood. It was easily in the top three most fun weekends I’ve ever had in my life!

Anyway, my friends and I came back on the last ferry off the island, so I got in very, very late last night (okay, it was actually very, very early this morning) and had just enough time today to get done all the reading I didn’t do at the weekend because enjoying my friends and the beach was way more important than making sure I read every sentence for the second class of the semester.

You’ll have a lesson tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy the inukshuk I built. I was quite pleased with it. It’s a top 10 inukshuk — though to be fair, it helped that all the rocks were so flat. Flat rocks are so much easier to build with.

*As I’ve already established outdoor beers taste better than indoor beers. And if you’re a water baby like I am, beach beers taste the best of all beers. If I can literally sit in the ocean and drink my beer, I will never want to leave.

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