Two quick things

1. Apparently, there are a lot of people on the interwebs asking Google if syphilis will make your nose fall off because the number of page hits for this blog has multiplied about tenfold since Saturday. There are still a lot of people wondering about dueling in Paraguay, but a whole slew more are suddenly very concerned with their facial features. Safe sex, everyone. Then you won’t have to be quite so concerned that your nose is going to fall off your face. Also, it’s not 1900; you’ll probably see a doctor before your syphilis develops to the nose-falling-off stage.

2. I started classes today, and I’m exhausted. I don’t remember school being this tiring, but I’m really excited about the semester. I’m taking a course in global perspectives or some such nonsense (it’s required to take pretty much everything else in the program), a course in the theory of conflict management (also a core course, but it’s cool because there’s a whole segment on oppression, repression, and systematic violence, which…yay!) and a course in ethnic and cultural factors in conflict.

You’ll have a new lesson tomorrow.

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