Lesson #347: The Morning Star

Sorry for the delay. I was back in my homeland for a bit to deal with some family stuff this past week. It took precedence over lessons, but I’ve got something good lined up if I can ever get to the research. I’m aiming to have it up Wednesday evening.

Moving on…

When I drive back from the major Canadian city where my family live to the city in the Midatlantic where I live, I leave early — like 4 or 5 — in the morning. I do this for a number of reasons: 1. the sooner I go, the sooner I get home, 2. to beat the morning rush through the city, 3. to avoid all rush hours across the drive, 4. I love night driving, and 5. I really like that early morning light right after the sun has risen where everything is sort of pale. I don’t see it often and usually when I do, I don’t appreciate it (usually because it means I’m out of bed far earlier than I’d like to be), but when I’m driving and I get to see it…it’s one of my favourite things.

Also on my list of favourite things? Space.*

Turns out that because Sunday was the start of Daylight Savings Time (hooray lighter evenings, boo dark mornings), Venus was visible in the sky later than usual, so I got a really good view of Venus as the morning star. It was pretty cool because I’m not normally so aware of cosmic events; I don’t often know what I should be looking for. I really only noticed because it was so obvious. Still, I think that’s pretty cool.

Really, today’s lesson is that the morning star isn’t a star at all, it’s Venus being totally unsubtle!

*Also, watch Cosmos with Neil deGrasse Tyson. He makes my brain tingle.

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