I assure you…

…I am not dead. Things have been busy of late (except for the snow day we had on Thursday, which I completely wasted by doing exactly nothing except take a long shower*, cheer on Hockey Canada, read some Kundera, and watch Tom Hiddleston be awesome). 

I’ve sort of inadvertently made 2014 the year of being more social. Long story short, I’ve got a bunch of new friends. Long story longer, a friend of a friend moved to town, I found a supporters club for the football club I cheer for, I reconnected with a friend whose phone number I’d lost last winter when my phone ate itself.

Why that matters here: because I’m doing all this socialization (and watching a TON of football), when I have a couple hours to myself, it’s time I want to cheer on Hockey Canada, or read some Kundera, or watch Tom Hiddleston be awesome. 

So…I currently have two full days in which I am not required to be in the presence of other people. I will get a couple of posts up. One of them will be about biathlon. Because biathlon is my favourite thing about all of the Olympic events.

*It was a victory shower. 2014 has not been a good year for water chez Disquisitive. 

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