I’m not dead! Hooray!

So…I appear to have been away for quite some time. I didn’t realize this much time had actually passed, but there it is.

In any event, I have learned all manner of interesting things in my absence from the blog including, but certainly not limited to, the Air Boss and the Skittles aboard a Navy aircraft carrier (courtesy of a new friend who did a stint working intelligence aboard an aircraft carrier…I totally want to be the Air Boss), how to play chess (courtesy of the same friend — I’m not very good), that Cristiano Ronaldo — of whom I have very little nice to say — is setting up a museum to himself in Portugal (because of course he is), that there’s a hexagonal storm going on over Saturn’s north pole, that Jared Leto can actually sing (I’ve known for years that he had a band, but until recently, I’d never heard them play), that the growl on the new Jaguar F-Type R is truly awesome, that Tom Hiddleston is pretty much the coolest (see here, here, here, and, oh God, here), that electrons are spherical, that an Italian guy had the most Oktoberfest experience of all Oktoberfest experiences when it took him five weeks to find his car, that Viking longships used a shield rack along the gunwales to provide extra protection from the wind and waves (which is a pretty brilliant storage solution), that, to put some numbers into perspective, for every American soldier killed in the Second World War, roughly 21(!) Soviet soldiers were killed, that the Pony Express only lasted a year and a half (how is this something everyone knows existed, but doesn’t realize was almost immediately replaced by telegraph wires?), and that Nelson Mandela was 95. Seriously, 95. Revolutionaries rarely live long enough to die of old age, so that’s quite something.

Anyway, I’ll probably be in and out until after the new year, but I’m going to try to get this going again…

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