Lesson #304: Lefthandedness

Sometimes, I learn things that if I’d ever stopped to consider just for a moment, I could probably have deduced on my own.

Today, I learned that lefthandedness is genetic*, and therefore, hereditary (which I’d never thought about, but is totally obvious).

Of course, in thinking further on this, I’m struggling to remember who my lefthanded friends are** and am therefore having a hard time remembering whether their parents/siblings/children are also lefties.

More about the lefthandedness gene here and here.

*Which, if you’ve taken a biology class past grade four, duh.

**Autobiographical note: oddly, though only 10-15% of the population are lefties, there was a point in my life where slightly more than half the guys I’d dated were lefties. I’m not sure what that says about me. 

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