Lesson #296: Groups of Animals

We all (should) know, assuming we attended primary school at some point, that a group of owls are called a parliament and a group of crows are called a murder and a group of lions are called a pride.

Today, I learned a few of the lesser known ones. My favourite?

A tower of giraffes.

Others of note:

A congregation of alligators

A singular of boars

An obstinancy of buffalo

A convocation of eagles

A stand (or a flamboyance) of flamingos*

A troubling of goldfish

A romp of otters**

An ostentation of peacocks

A rhumba of rattlesnakes

An unkindness of ravens

A crash of rhinoceroses

A mustering of storks

A wisdom of wombats

A zeal of zebras

All of these and a whole slew more can be found on the San Diego Zoo page found here.

*The word for flamingo in most foreign languages is flamingo. I know this for a reason, but it’s an absurd one involving the Swedish command “skjuta en björn!”

**True story, I want a pair of otters as pets.

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