Lesson #293: Paid Vacation Days

Autobiographical note: I have never held a job that offered paid federal holidays. In fairness, I spent four years working in baseball — and three years living abroad — and three to four of those holidays fall over the baseball season, which doesn’t care at all about whether a day is a federal holiday. Or a weekend, for that matter. My first season, we had a 20-game home stand. I thought I knew what long days were until I worked 16-21 hour days for 20 straight days. 

Randomly, and outside of any conversation with The Swede, today I learned that Sweden is second — behind Brazil — in the world in paid vacation/holidays with 41 days. All Swedes (or at least those working in Sweden and non-Swedes doing the same) are given five weeks of paid vacation and 16 state holidays. Of those five weeks of paid vacation, they are entitled to take four of them consecutively between June and August. Not only that, but vacation days can be rolled over for up to five years.

By contrast, by federal law, employers in the United States are not legally bound to provide any paid vacation or federal holidays. Awesome.*

*All of this information (and information on most of the Western World) can be read here.

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