Lesson #275: It’s HOT!

Two piece of business before we get started: 1. My Norwegian friend who works in the building in Oslo that was bombed yesterday is, it turns out, still on holiday in Greece. I have never been happier to hear that someone wasn’t home. 2. A friend and I had our plans to watch the first TriNations rugby match at the pub at 6 this morning foiled on account of the fact that it’s not showing at all on American TV. Undeterred by this, we still decided to have a pint of Guinness.

It is very hot where I live right now. Yesterday, it got up to 104 with a humidex of 126. It’s so unbearably hot in my house (it was 92 downstairs the last time I looked at the thermostat…it’s at least another 5 degrees hotter upstairs) that I have been spending most of my time at home in my bedroom, which is the only air conditioned room in the house. I have eaten up nearly everything I have in the house that doesn’t need to be heated up because there’s not a chance I’m turning on the element/stove. Tomorrow’s Copa America final? Will be watched in a bar with air conditioning.

All this brought me to wondering what the most extreme temperatures have been, worldwide.

The highest temperature ever recorded in Canada: 113 (45) in Midale and Yellow Grass, Saskatchewan on 5 July, 1937.

The highest temperature ever recorded in the US: 134 (57) in Death Valley, California on 10 July, 1913

The highest temperature ever recorded in the world: 136 (58) in El Azizia, Libya on 13 September, 1922

and just because it made me laugh…

The highest temperature ever recorded at the South Pole: 7.5 (-14) at the South Pole on 27 December, 1978*

To compare…

The record high for the city I live in is 107 (42) — a temperature I experienced a few times every summer (though without a humidex, so it actually felt like 107, and I had air conditioning then) when I lived in a southern state — and the low is only -7 (-22) — a temperature I experienced fairly regularly every winter when I lived in a northern state.**

*All of that information is here.

**I’m not actually going to tell you which city this is, but if you care enough and do some digging on the Weather Channel’s website, you should be able to find it!

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