Lesson #274: Winters Blizzards and Rogers Hornsby

22/7 edit: A note from my friend in the Texas capital… “It’s the Blizzards, plural. A student is a Blizzard, the team is the Blizzards. West Texas doesn’t go for those communist singular names!” My mistake. I have corrected it.

A quick second post for today (though technically, as it is after midnight, this will post to Friday, not Thursday). This comes from my friend in the Texas capital because I was somehow subconsciously triggered into having the song Sleigh Ride in my head. I couldn’t think of the name of the song and gave him Winter Wonderland at first, whereupon he informed me that that’s the school song for the Winters school district, whose mascot is the Blizzard.*

“Also,” he informs me, “Rogers Hornsby is from Winters. I don’t know why I know that.”

Good pub quiz information!

*Grammatically, I think this is still right. Unless the school there are more than one costumed mascot? Whatever, they’re the Winters Blizzards.

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