Lesson #273: Beer! For Space Travel!

You know how I know this idea cannot possibly go wrong? Because it combines two of my favourite things ever. Beer and space travel.

The owner of an Australian microbrewery called Four Pines and a researcher at the aeronautics company Saber Astronautics Australia decided to get together and make beer that can be consumed in space. Two of the biggest problems that one* experiences as regards food and drink is space is the loss of taste due to a swelling of the tongue and the way in which gasses in one’s body expand. So your average (American) Budweiser** isn’t going to be a good space beer.

Taking this into consideration, the brewers at Four Pines came up with a smoky Irish stout — which, incidentally, was my immediate guess for the best type of beer to use for this sort of thing since they’re full of flavour. Guinness for examples is poured with nitrogen rather than with carbon dioxide — with a lowered carbonation. It can, obviously, be bought just like any other earth beer, but it can also be safely drunk in space.

Even better? They named it Vostok.

So. Awesome!

If you want to read more about it, you can go here or here.

*I’d say you, but the chances that you’ve been to space and are reading this are so marginal that it probably barely records as a number.

**Because anyone who knows anything about beer knows that the original (Czech) Budweiser, which makes one of my favourite lagers and my very favourite beer, their dark lager, (which I can’t get in this country so I have to settle for Warsteiner’s Dunkel, which is also a good beer, but is no Budvar Cerny) is much, much better than the American swill with the same name. This is not to suggest that there aren’t good American beers; there are plenty. I personally really like Rogue and Anchor Steam’s beers. I also like New Glarus quite a bit and some of the Great Lakes beers are very good.

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