Lesson #271: Diego Forlan is Teaching Me Spanish

Okay, that’s not really exactly true, but it’s not entirely inaccurate either.

Among the (whopping three*) athlete pages that I “like” on Facebook is Diego Forlan, whose awesome hair I mentioned the other day — he also has legitimate qualifications of awesomeness that other people value like winning the Golden Ball at the World Cup last summer. Anyway, because the Copa America is going on he (okay, his publicist) has been posting to his page quite a lot in recent weeks and that shows up in my news feed. My Spanish is pretty good, so I understand most of what is posted, give or take a word or two and I can often figure out what I don’t know in context.

In a post today about the Uruguayans buying up — and helping to sell out — the semifinal match against Peru tomorrow, I learned two new words. The former I was able to discern from context, the latter I had to look up.

Today I learned:

Apoyo — support (the noun, though I suspect that apoyar is the verb “to support”)

Agotar — to exhaust (in this case the supply of tickets)

Thanks Diego!

*The other two are Jarome Iginla, whose total badassness has been discussed briefly in this blog and David Beckham, whose hotness has not been discussed in this blog.


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