Lesson #265: Kansas Has No State Fish

I went to see a friend out in the county tonight* and we were watching Hawaii Five-0 and got into a discussion of the state fish. She and her husband are both from Hawaii so they’ve got the whole pronunciation thing down. I…do not. In my defence, it’s not the easiest fish to pronounce. It’s a humuhumunukunukuapua’a. Yeah…you give that one a go. I’ll just wait here while you make a fool of yourself.

Anyway, her husband informed me that every state has a fish and I was not sold on that. My argument was Kansas.** It turns out that most of the states (as of 2008, 47 of them) have either an official state fish or one they’ve all just informally adopted.

The three states without a state fish? Arkansas, Indiana and Kansas.

*It’s amazing how quickly once I moved into the city, I developed an irrational hatred for having to be in the county unless passing through to go somewhere else. We have friends who we barely see anymore because they moved to the county; they might as well have moved to Guam.

**I don’t feel like that needs an explanation.


Lesson #264: My Mother Is A Wealth of Random Knowledge — The Musical Version.

I was on the phone with my mother today and the subject of the musical Jesus Christ Superstar came up. And she asks, “Do you know who the brother of the original Judas is?”*

No, I do not.

The answer is: Giles from Buffy.

*What’s frightening is that it was a pretty even shot whether or not I knew the answer.