In Egypt: The Lotus Revolution

It’s time to come clean about something I’ve only sort of hinted at. I study revolutions. I like the challenge of them and I, as well as probably 70% of revolutionary scholars, have been proven wrong about the necessity of violence in modern revolution. And that’s a great thing!

My friend in Jordan is now my friend in Egypt. She’s halfway through a yearlong program in Cairo. And she lives a block and a half from Tahrir Square. So almost all of the information I’ve been getting about the Lotus Revolution (25th of January Revolution) has been from her. Because I trust her more than I trust CNN. She suggested I try to stream Al-Jazeera English because the coverage is better. I have followed her every email to those of us who are not there.

I’m a little giddy. And a little jealous that my friend, who admittedly doesn’t care one way or the other about revolution, gets to be in the middle of it.