The Excuse

I’m not slacking intentionally. I promise I am still learning things. For example, yesterday, I learned there’s such a thing as a Yoda Bat. And it totally looks like Yoda.

But, as it closes in on a year since I last replaced my hard drive, the current one has decided it has had enough of being dragged across an ocean and moved up and down the stairs about a gazillion (that’s just an estimate) times and yesterday, after the second hard drive reformatting in a month, I got the dreaded blue screen of death.

I’m now looking at new computers. Except that I can’t afford them because I have no job. But I can’t job search without a computer. You see the dilemma? So I’m using the computer even more sparingly than before.

The result? No lessons for a while until I either a. get a new computer or b. learn something mindblowingly interesting.

One thought on “The Excuse

  1. Carolyn says:

    YODA BAT. Why am I only learning of this now?

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