Lesson #258: Ringette

Inevitably, conversations with my brother end up on hockey. Which, I think, is because on the whole, we’re fans of different sports and what sports we have in common, we support different teams. He’s a Red Sox fan, I’m a glutton for punishment. He loves American football, I love soccer football. But we are both Maple Leafs fans.

Anyway, we were talking tonight and we got onto hockey and somehow that made its way to ringette (and his somewhat hilarious attempts to explain it to someone). At which he informed me, to my surprise, that ringette still exists. I had assumed that with the rise of women’s hockey, ringette was a thing of the past.

We both had friends who played ringette growing up. One of my friends, in particular, was very good at it. It was, essentially, what you played if you were a girl. It’s like hockey…played on ice with five players and a goalie, the penalties are the same, the rink is the same size, there’s a stick (sort of) and a puck (more or less) and the point is to get the puck (as it were) into the goal. The stick has no blade and the puck is actually a rubber and felt ring so it’s easier to handle than a puck, but other than that, it’s more or less the same as hockey.

And, while the largest ringette community is in Canada, once women’s hockey came into play as a viable option most Canadian girls apparently headed in that direction to dominate the world, the Finns pretty much rule the ringette world. They’ve won the last 3 (and 5 of the last 7) world championships. And placed second in the other two. (The Canadians have won the other two and finished second in the other five).*

*That information can be found here.

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