The delay…the problem…

The problem with the delays of late is that I’m rarely on my computer these days. It is on its very last legs  (after four years of service and three hard drives*) and so I’m really only ever on for an hour or so a day, during which I’m mostly job hunting. This limited time makes doing the research necessary to keep the blog going on a daily basis nearly impossible. So pending my magically getting a new hard drive (which is going to have to happen sometime soon, I think…the wipe I did two weeks ago didn’t really take) or a new computer, the updates will be sporadic at best. I promise it’s not for a lack of interest…or of learning on my part — though to be fair, much of my learning these days is coming from Jeopardy!** It’s more that I just don’t have the same ability to do an hour of follow-up research on something I learned.

*The battery literally no longer works. For a while, it was going into hibernation every time it was unplugged, which was annoying, but it was WAY less annoying than what happens now when it gets accidentally unplugged, which is that it shuts off completely.

**I am killing the college tournament!

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