Lesson #257: Epalpebrate

It should be noted before this lesson starts that my cousin in a major Canadian city and I have very free form conversations a lot of the time. We’ve known each other our whole lives and have an odd shorthand of made up words and inside jokes. This post is for her…because the dearth of eyebrows is a long-running joke.

I came across the Save the Words website in a sort of roundabout friend of a friend kind of way this morning. It’s fun.*

The best word I came across, by far, is epalpebrate, a noun meaning “lacking eyebrows”. Weirdly, though the site is run by Oxford, I cannot find epalpebrate in any dictionary anywhere (including Oxford’s own) leading me to suspect that it is an obsolete word, which is sad.

Mostly because this is a word my cousin and I could have been using for the last ten years.

*The website, not how I came to know of it.

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