Lesson #256 – something higher than that

So my schedule’s been a little hectic and I have a social life again and I just reformatted my hard drive, which sort of combines into not being diligent about keeping this up, but I’ve learned a whole bunch of really random stuff since the move.

For instance, there are immune system antibodies in tears (learned from an old college friend with a PhD in biology), and that it is, in fact, possible for 200,000 people to be in one place and not get into fights over minor differences and Jefferson Davis had an inauguration and there’s a dead ringer for Eminem living somewhere in a nearby county (a friend and I ended up drinking next to him/randomly meeting him at a microbrewery last weekend) and that to get to my best friend’s house, I have to drive right past the shipping port and it’s awesome, and assorted other random things.

But I’m back. For real this time. So…let’s move on shall we?

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