And we’re back.

After an intense fight with Verizon in which I canceled my service and then was convinced to go back to them at a discounted rate for my troubles and then having to fight the same fight all over again, which included another three hours on the phone with them, I finally succeeded in a. dumping Verizon completely* and b. getting set up with another company.

I ordered my equipment from Clear during a 15 minute phone call at 4pm yesterday. At noon today, it was delivered and 10 minutes later, I was online. It took Clear one 15-minute phone conversation and 20 hours from order to delivery to get done what Verizon couldn’t accomplish in 20 days and about 8 total hours of going around in circles on the phone with their people.

The moral of the story: do not get Verizon.

Anyway, a new lesson will be posted today. It’ll be about England’s timber castles.

*After I discovered that at some point in yesterday’s conversations, I had been signed up for home phone service starting tomorrow, which was perplexing to me as I have neither owned, nor used in my own place, an actual telephone in more than a decade.

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