Lesson #254: The Last Three World Series

I was talking to my friend in the Texas capital today and, as so often does with us, sports came up. Since the baseball postseason started yesterday, that was (for the most part) our sports topic today.

He was watching the Braves/Giants game while I was watching Hockey Night in Canada and flipping back to the baseball during the commercials (it’s opening day for hockey today and not a deciding game day for baseball; hockey wins). At some point in the conversation he says, “Did you know Eric Hinske has been in each of the last three World Series?”

Of course I didn’t know that. Hinske is a journeyman with a career .254 average and 101 OPS.

But it is, in fact, true. Eric Hinske has played in each of the last three World Series (and won twice). He was with the Red Sox in 2007, the Rays in 2008 and the Yankees in 2009. I think it bears mentioning, though, that in those three series, he played four games and had three at bats — he was 0-1 with the Red Sox, 1-2 (a solo home run) with the Rays and was walked and scored a run with the Yankees.*

An interesting aside: In 2002, he was the AL Rookie of the Year with the Blue Jays. In 2003, he committed the second-most number of errors (22, which was also the league high for errors by a third baseman) in the AL. He followed this by being first in the AL in fielding percentage as a third baseman in 2004 (.978).

*If you want to see his lifetime stats, see here.

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