Lesson #251: Back In the Hall of the Mountain King

Autobiographical note: This post isn’t entirely random. I’m in the process of organizing my iTunes. It’s a long, tedious process and it’s making me a little bit crazy.*

A while ago, I wrote a post about Sextus Tarquinius that made brief reference to the Grieg piece having lyrics — because apparently it’s set to Ibsen’s play Peer Gynt.**

The Ibsen play, his last written in verse, is based on the Norwegian fairytale Per Gynt, which is about the eponymous hero saving milkmaids from trolls and slaying giant worms. The play was meant to be a satire of contemporary Norwegian self and drew heavy criticism from such heavyweights as Hans Christian Anderson.***

*The way iTunes decides on album art makes me a little homocidal. Why it’ll assign cover art to one song, but not another from the same album is beyond me. I like consistency; if one song gets album art, the rest of them get album art. So this is a long process of manually going in and assigning cover art to songs.

**I knew the music was from Peer Gynt, I just didn’t know it was written to be produced in conjunction with an Ibsen play. Incidentally, Grieg and Ibsen are literally all I know of the 19th century Norwegian arts scene.

***More information on the Ibsen play here.

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