Lesson #240: Predicting the Weather

I have a friend who is a meteorological physicist (more interesting than it sounds) who studies storm cells (see?). Most of the physics I know I’ve learned from him and my favourite Russian. When he was finishing up his thesis, he sent it to me to proof it, so I learned a whole bunch about the Butterfly Effect and its application as regards the formation and movement of storms.

So, I deal in the high concept, not the practical when it comes to my physics.* No basic Newton for me; I’m headed straight for quantum entanglement. But, despite my understanding of the formation and progression of storm cells, I have no practical meteorological skills. Until today, when I stumbled on this awesome webpage that gives me all sorts of information about how to predict weather patterns based on: wind, clouds, the moon, the colour of the sky**, water, animals and plants.

*Which you know if you’ve been reading with any sort of regularity.

**I actually knew the application of the red sky meteorology, which makes sense given that I have seen every episode of ‘Deadliest Catch’ since it was just a three part mini-series back in 2004 and how much maritime material I read. Whatever, I have a schizophrenic library, deal with it. And honestly, given that my very first post was about how obsessed I am with the Shipping Report (don’t think I don’t still listen to it…it’s very soothing), this should surprise exactly no one.

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