Lesson #238: Alpaca Meat

It’s really best not to ask how my friends and I got on the subject of eating alpaca the other night, but we did.

One of my friends, whose girlfriend is Peruvian, was swearing up and down that alpacas are known for their tender meat. Then the other girl got involved. And then my best friend.

Now, my friend with the Peruvian girlfriend works on Capitol Hill, so he’s well versed in spin. My best friend, when he’s been drinking (which he had), will endorse anything just to mess with me. Needless to say, I wasn’t biting. I called shenanigans and the conversation moved on, but I’ll be damned if I wasn’t determined to find out whether alpacas aren’t valued for their tender meat.

Another college friend of ours rang in today with her opinion on the subject, having spent some time in Peru. The internet turned up a strange assortment of information, none of it particularly credible (though if you ask the other girl involved in the conversation, there are credible sites…she and I have differing opinions on what is credible). But between my friend with the Peruvian girlfriend, my friend who spent some time in Peru and various questionably credible websites, I will concede that alpaca can be, and is, eaten. I will concede that it is a Peruvian delicacy. I will not concede that alpacas are renowned for their tenderness.

Here are the results that a Google search for “alpaca meat” pulls up.

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