And back again…

I’ve returned, briefly, from the Mid-Atlantic city where I did my undergraduate work. I found an apartment, so will be moving back down there at the beginning of October. My friends are ecstatic for me to be back. I’m ecstatic to not be living in my parents’ house anymore (and also, I really love the aforementioned Mid-Atlantic city). It will be much easier to find work from there than it is from here.

In any event, the last two weeks were a mish-mash of lunches with friends and seeing temp agencies, so I learned pretty much nothing. Between the job search and the apartment search, I spent a LOT of time in my car. I did learn a bit about jazz though — courtesy of a friend playing hooky from work to hang out, listen to classical and jazz and go to a used bookstore (of sorts).

I’ll pick up with a new lesson today.

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