Lesson #218: Green Eggs

Autobiographical note: My youngest cousin on my dad’s side (she’s 25) came to visit me in Western Europe while she and her new husband were on their honeymoon in May. One day, her husband and I were making breakfast while she showered and he discovered I had green food colouring in my pantry — leftover from the mint nanaimo bars I made at Thanksgiving — and decided we ought to dye the eggs green and convince her that the local chickens laid green eggs. I have pictures. The results were horrific, but tasty! We couldn’t tell her the truth and even my housemates got in on it. I have no idea if he ever came clean.

It turns out that there are actually hens that lay green eggs. Now, granted, only the shell is green (or blue or pink) but the Araucana breed of chicken lays coloured eggs. No, I’m not kidding. The coloured shell is the result of a genetic mutation.

Some websites note that the Auraucana chicken, which is a Chilean breed, lays only blue eggs and that it is the mutt version thereof, the Easter Egger chicken, which lays less nutritious eggs than the Auraucana, that lays the other colours. However, other websites say the Auraucana  does as well. Either way, there are chickens that lay green eggs.*

*More information here and here.

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