Lesson #217: Flags of the World

A random fact I learned while I was living in Western Europe just because one day it popped into my head and so I went and looked it up…there are 17 national flags that incorporate the Union Jack. You can look up for yourself which ones they are because I’m not going back to find out again. It took me a couple hours of research to find out. But, I promise you, including the Union Jack itself, there are 17. Oh, colonialism, we only think you’re dead.

Today, I learned that there are only two countries in the world that don’t use some combination of the colours red, white and blue. Of the four countries I’ve lived in, two of them use all three of those colours and the other two use two.

The two countries that don’t use red, white or blue? Jamaica (black, yellow and green) and Libya (green).

I’m on the road, you get to look that up for yourself, but if you have any research skills at all, you should be able to find that information fairly easily!

One thought on “Lesson #217: Flags of the World

  1. Rachel says:

    I’m actually kind of impressed that I knew one of those countries immediately (Jamaica).

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