Lesson #216: Red on the Right

My best friend moved to the suburbs and bought a boat. He also got married, but that’s outside the point. I’m staying with him for a couple of days while I’m in town for the funeral and he was excited to take me out on the water. We’ve known each other a long time, so he knows I’ll embrace any opportunity to do anything involving large bodies of water. And of course, he’s proud of his having settled nicely into the upper middle class.* So after we got home from the funeral, we decided to grab a couple beers, brave the drizzle and head out in the boat.

He let me drive, which was almost as awesome as the time he let me drive his Porsche.**

I never had to learn the rights and lefts of the buoys on the Canadian lake where my family’s cottage was when I was a kid because I wasn’t old enough to drive the boat. Today I learned that the red buoys should always be on your right.

*He has the single coolest job of anyone I know. In fairness, he’s worked hard for it and he’s very good at what he does, so he deserves everything he’s got.

**Before he got sensible and bought a Dodge Durango.

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