An Addendum to Lesson #207: The Boudoir Grand Revisited

My mother doesn’t play the piano. She is the only person in my family who doesn’t. But it seems she knows more about the family piano than anyone else does…

A boudoir grand is not necessarily a flat piano, as was explained to me. They can also be uprights. I did not know this until my mother sent me an email saying “look at the sounding board of our piano.” I have been playing that piano since I can remember and I have never known this. A boudoir grand can be apparently be an upright piano. I have no reference for this except my parents’ own piano. But I’m more inclined to believe Mr. Gerhard Heintzman, who built our piano, than anyone else.

Also, only sort-of-secretly, I’m planning to inherit it. I love that piano.

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