Lesson #205: Marconi’s Canadian Site

I applied for a research job in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia today. While I was looking into the town to see what I might be getting myself into, I learned that Glace Bay was the site of Marconi’s first transatlantic wireless station. It was also the North American terminus of his first west-east transatlantic wireless transmission in 1902.* The site was abandoned in favour of Port Morien east of Glace Bay when increased transmissions necessitated a larger facility in 1904.

The 5-acre site at Glace Bay, called Table Head (presumably because it’s flat and part of Cape Breton’s headland) is now under the control of Parks Canada, which maintains it as a National Historic Site**

*The European one was Cornwall, England (which makes perfect sense if you know geography).

**You can read more about Marconi National Historic Site here.

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