My Parents on Yesterday’s Post

My parents are a non-drinker (mom) and a very moderate drinker (dad) so the fact that they both sent me emails this morning about yesterday’s post is kind of hilarious.

Dad’s take:  “Someone once, when I was at university tried to convince me that it was a reference to a laundry lady, drinking too much an while hanging clothes on a clothes line on a windy day, allowed 3 sheets loose in the wind, because of her drunkenness, and  that is where the explanation comes from. Of course if you did not know that the ropes on a sailboat are called sheets, it would be a reasonable explanation, albeit wrong.” Best. Misguided Explanation. Ever.

Mom’s take: “From the small boat perspective, loosening the sheets does, indeed, bring the boat to an even keel as you spill the wind from the sails. This is fine if you aren’t racing.” I had no idea my mother knew anything about sailboats.

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