Lesson #201: Eating Snakes

I’m watching my new favourite show (The Colony on the Discovery Channel*) and the colonists were scavenging food. One of the guys killed a couple of snakes and they cooked them up for dinner. All of this led me, in the middle of one of our standard fluid conversations with my friend in the Texas capital, to question whether you could just eat any old snake you find. I was not convinced. At all.

But no one got sick, so evidently, they’re fine enough to eat.** Snakes that can be eaten? Rat snakes and king snakes. Not that I could ever just identify them on my own…but if I’m with someone who can, at least I know I won’t get sick if I eat them.

*This show is absolutely fascinating because it puts seven people (selectively chosen for their particular skill set, so it’s not entirely realistic — especially since they don’t have a single firearm among them, which given the number of firearms in the US is unheard of) into a post-apocalyptic situation and tells them “figure out how to live.” As a student of revolution, I have always wondered how well I would do in that sort of a situation. I have some background in building stuff and having to get creative to make things work with little notice, but I definitely have no idea how to make power.

**I rather suspect if they had been dangerous to eat, the producers would have stepped in and put the kibbosh on the feast.

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