Lesson #199: Teleportation (!)

First order of business…an apology for have two very science-y posts in a row. But this was way too awesome to pass up posting about. I mean, teleportation. In what way is that *not* awesome?!?

Autobiographical note: I pretend not to be a total nerd a lot of the time.* And I tend to draw the nerd line when it comes to a lot of science fiction stuff.** But I’m totally geeking out over this…

Scientist are teleporting atomic information. And it’s all sorts of Tesla in The Prestige as far as to teleport something, it is destroyed and its “information” is absorbed by other atoms and so what does that make the recreation? The information it has is all the same, but it isn’t the same at all.

You can read (and listen) to more about this here. It’s super awesome!

*Usually by way of my insane love of sports, though my baseball team reached my “Wow, they suck and I really can’t be bothered to care about the rest of the season” threshold in record time this year, so no love there. My footie and hockey teams usually give me some semblance of hope.  Though, in fairness, my hockey team doesn’t deserve me. But that’s a rant for another venue.

**Except Firefly and the latest incarnation of Star Trek. Because Star Trek has Simon Pegg and everything is better with Simon Pegg. That is a scientific fact.

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