Lesson #188: Nuclear Proliferation

My friend in the Texas capital sent me a link today to a video demonstration of every nuclear bomb detonated in the world between 1945 and 1998. Good stuff. His comment (facetious of course) was “USA! USA!”

Between 1945 and 1998, the US set off 1032 nuclear bombs, the USSR/Russia (after 1991 if you know your history) set off 715, France 210, Great Britain and China 45 apiece, India 4 and Pakistan 2. Interestingly, the UK tested nine bombs in the US between April 1983 and November 1991.*

Anyway, you can check out the video here. It actually takes a lot longer than one would think, but it’s neat and has musical tones, so it sounds sort of like one would expect a Bartok piece to sound like were his pieces harmonic.

*More can be read about that here.

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