Lesson #187: Ridiculous Texas State Things

States have a whole bunch of official things. Rock. Birds. Foods. Sports.

They also have a whole bunch of ridiculous “official state” things.

We’ll take Texas as an example — because it’s like a whole different planet, so they’re easy to pick on. Texas has a state cooking implement (the dutch oven)*, a state tartan (God knows why)**, a state molecule (the buckyball), two state peppers because I guess just one isn’t good enough (the chiltepin and the jalepeno) and four state plays***. I promise this is all true. You can look it up (as well as whatever ridiculous things other states have recognized as official) at this website.

*In fairness to Texas, they’ve gone all the way with this theme because their state bread is pan de campo and their state vehicle is the chuck wagon.

**It’s called the Texas Bluebonnet tartan, which should be enough to tell you it’s not really an actual tartan at all.

***I’ve actually seen one of said plays it’s BAD. Like a really bad ripoff of the musical Oklahoma! My dad and I had a field day with it.

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