Lesson #180: Sheep Shearing

My friend who lives in the Texas capital is currently visiting his grandparents on their ranch in West Texas. This morning, rather than watching England completely collapse their way out of the World Cup at the hands of a non-goal call that was a goal and their defence being mentally in Mallorca, which allowed Germany to trounce them, he was shearing sheep. Or rather, he was supervising the shearing of sheep while professionals did it. I asked him how long it takes to shear a sheep because I am very much not a ranch kind of a girl; I’ve never been on a ranch in my entire life. I was expecting a couple of minutes. Nope, it takes about 45 seconds. Apparently, one of these guys used to be the national champion.*

*In other news, sheep shearing is a competitive event.

One thought on “Lesson #180: Sheep Shearing

  1. If there can be competitive hot dog eating (groooooooooooooooooooossssssss), then there can certainly be competitive sheep shearing.

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