Lesson #177: What Eats Toads

I’m in New Jersey. Dying of humidity.*

My mother is working here, so I’m here to spend a few days with her. And to buy a car.** It being Sunday, we decided to go be all cultural and go off to a national park and hike and learn history stuff about the American Revolution.*** So, of course, today’s lesson has absolutely nothing at all to do with the historical aspects and everything to do with forest amphibians. But there’s a context, so that’s what matters. Sometimes, you don’t even get that.

Toads have several natural predators including herons, foxes, kingfishers, snakes and some other bird I can’t remember the name of that I’d never heard of, among others. All this according to my mother who knows these things. A quick run down of research shows that this is in fact true. I won’t link to all that, but if you want to look it up, you can. I assure you it’s true though.

*I have never been a girl who dealt well with humidity. Having spent the last six years of my life (three in the desert, one in a moderate climate and one in a place where it’s humid, but never warm, thus negating the part of humidity that makes me miserable), I had forgotten how much this is the case. I need to move back to the desert ASAP. Albuquerque suddenly jumped to the very top of my “places I should move to” list.

**This makes me giddy, I have missed driving so much.

***We will not get into how the American Revolution is not really a revolution in the strictest sense of the word.

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