Lesson #175: Bureaucracy

I’m in New York to both visit an old college friend and get my driver’s license renewed. I tried to do that (the latter, not the former) when I was home at Christmas, but couldn’t find my social security card, so no dice. So I got my social security card reissued and had my dad send it to my brother in Boston to pass it on to me. I show up at the DMV with my expired license from a southern state I used to live in, my social security card and my passport. All good right? Nope. No dice.


Because while my Canadian passport has a stamp in it that says I’m a US citizen and that’s good enough for the border control people to a. allow me into the country in the first place and b. stay now that I’m here, it is NOT enough for the DMV to renew my license. They kept telling me I needed an I-94 (residency) visa. My attempts to explain to them that the stamp in my passport that says that I’m an American citizen precludes me from needing a residency visa was unsuccessful.

I hate bureaucracy.

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