Lesson #171: Puffins Can Be Eaten

I know this because I sat down to dinner tonight at this  (really awesome) seafood restaurant down the street from my hostel that the owner recommended in Reykjavik and found it on the menu.

I have a rule I try to live by and that is: try everything once, within reason.*

So I pushed the image of those super cute sea birds with awesome orange feet** from my head and tried the puffin — mostly because it was an appetizer and I figured that if I hated it, it wouldn’t be a complete loss. It was actually really good. I quite liked it. The meat is fairly dark, which I kind of expected, but it doesn’t really have a poultry type taste like I expected it would. It’s got a bit of a fishy taste in the same way alligator does, but it’s not overpowering.

The puffins will likely be making a second appearance early next week, as I’m scheduled to go on a puffin watching boat tour.*** Because I think they’re awesome and I’ve never seen one in real life. I never saw them in Newfoundland even though they summer there, possibly because the weather was bad and the boys and I were about three weeks too early when we were driving the Ring of Kerry last April.

*Although sometimes I’ll try things that aren’t really that reasonable and end up with torn ligaments and a two inch gash on the back of my leg that requires a tetanus booster. True story.

**I actually have a pair of fluffy orange socks that my mother and I call my puffin feet.

***Which my stomach is already hating me for, no doubt. Much as I love boats and big water, I get really bad seasickness.

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