Lesson #167: Hurling, Very Basically

I love hurling…it’s pretty awesome. My friend who is over visiting and I decided to go patio-ing after the England friendly today since the weather was uncharacteristically gorgeous and there’s no better way to spend a weekend afternoon than with a pint of beer and some sunshine. We happened to run into a friend of mine who is from a small country town about an hour from where we live who was headed into the pub to watch the hurling. So we decided to join him for a pint and to watch the second half.

I don’t really understand hurling all that much. It’s a lot like Gaelic football — which is a crazy good craic — but not exactly. I find it more interesting because it’s kind of like if you took baseball and football and mixed them together with basketball and added a dash of that Tiger Woods Nike commercial where he bounces the ball on his club for a while.

It turns out that hurling is scored exactly the same way that Gaelic is. Three points for a proper goal and the a point for every time you put the ball through the uprights.

What else I learned: all the guys who play for the GAA are unpaid. Therefore, they have actual day jobs. And since the better ones play for club and county, they really must have very little free time.

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