Lesson #164: My People Are the Best Fruit Juice Drinkers!

I stumbled on this map* today and it kept me occupied for quite some time. It was fun to see what the countries I’ve lived in have been best at. Beer drinking is on that list, but that one I actually already knew that. The Czechs consume a staggering amount of beer per capita. Like 25 litres per person per year more than the second country on the list — incidentally, also a country I have lived in.

Anyway, Canadians are apparently excellent juice drinkers. Awesome! I’d have said that we’re the best producer of professional hockey players, but maybe that one’s too obvious. That’s all most people know about Canada. Hockey players, maple syrup and yaks.**

I suggested this to my cousin and she replied, “but we are so good at catching da taste!” She gets major points for quoting a juice commercial from 20 years ago that starred a potential Hall of Fame second baseman.

*In general, this site is way fun!

**Well, if you ask my best friend, yaks are on that list.

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