Lesson #150: Credit Card Concierge Services

Really, this is just something I came across today that made me laugh. I, because I’m a student living on loans and not a socialite and/or high powered attorney or something of the like, was unaware that credit cards even had concierge services, so really *that’s* my lesson for the day, but this cracked me up. I was sold from the nacho cheese bit, but the overthrow of governments really did it for me.

Someday I will have enough money to call and ask to be sent information on a holiday in space.

Not enough to actually go on holiday in space, but enough to call a credit card company to get them to find me that information.

One thought on “Lesson #150: Credit Card Concierge Services

  1. “Would you like us to get back to you by phone or email?”

    “Phone, please. I don’t want there to be any miscommunication about my cheese.”

    Maybe my new favourite quote.

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