Lesson #139: A Bunch of Random

I was travelling all day, so I literally learned nothing of any great interest. Especially given how much of interest I have learned today.

But I did learn stuff, so here you go.

1. The bus schedule says it takes four hours and 50 minutes to get from Eilat to Jerusalem. It takes a little over four.

2. Camel crossing signs. Hell. YES!

3. The Hejaz Railroad* exists, but in four years in Jordan, my friend in Amman has never seen a single train on it. She’s heard a grand total of one…and her apartment when she lived in the north was not very far from the railroad.

4. I actually learned this on Friday, but there are SPEED BUMPS in the middle of the highway in Jordan. I figured I’d throw that in for your reading pleasure. I’ll just say that driving in Jordan is an interesting experience. And I do use “interesting” like my maternal grandmother uses it. Traffic rules are just things that you might want to abide by sometimes if you feel like it, every fifth Tuesday or so.

*The one Lawrence blew up.

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