Lesson #135: The Morning Call to Prayer

I am pretty excited by the Muslim call to prayer. It just sounds cool and before Monday, I’d never heard it in real life. Anyway, last night, as we were going to bed, my travel companion here in Jordan suggested that because the windows were open and there’s a mosque a block away from her flat, I would likely be woken up by the dawn call to prayer. I suggested that I was so tired I would probably sleep through it. I was wrong. It was loud. And there were three of them all going on about a 1.5 second delay. That aspect of it was strange to hear that early in the morning.

Anyway, this morning we were sitting around getting ready to head out to get the bus to Jerash and she informs me that the first prayer of the morning (the Fajr) starts with two repetitions of “prayer is better than sleep.”

Essentially, the first call to prayer is an Arabic language alarm clock.

I imagine that if I were woken up by this every morning I would find it less endearing than I did this morning. Especially since I’m about the furthest one will ever find from a morning person. No matter how much sleep I’ve gotten, I am not someone you want to be around first thing in the morning. I am so very okay with my being so westernized that I believe I should be sleeping at this time of day.*

But here, it’s a totally novel thing, so I’m still on board with it. That opinion may have changed come Sunday.

*And I really do mean I in that sentence. If you believe that you should be awake and praying, that’s your business and I have no right to judge that. But sleep is what should be happening for me at that time of day.

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