Lesson #118: Napoleon’s Height

Napoleon Bonaparte was apparently 5’6″, not 5’2″ as everyone thought he was.* At his autopsy, the coroner or ME or whatever his title was, a man by the name of Antommarchi, listed him as 1.686 metres, which was the average height for Frenchmen at the time.

If you read French, this is a really interesting article from La Revue de l’Institut Napoléon entitled “La taille de Napoléon” (Napoleon’s Height) that explores this question in more detail.

*Though, this may be like how our soccer media guide listed our/the conference’s star player (who plays for her national team) as 5’5″ even though she’s really 5’2″. One year, she tried to get us to put her in the media guide as 5’7″. Like Napoleon, it’s not like everyone didn’t know who she was and how much damage she could do, regardless of her height.

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