Lesson #117: Mom! There’s a Church in the Basement!

Now, this is a party I’d have loved to have been at! Apparently, a family in Shropshire were having an Easter party last weekend and some of the (young) adult children, having had a few, decided to find out what was under the grating in the floor. And discovered a chapel under their house…and a set of stairs up from there that came out in the dining room pantry.* Anyway…it is suggested that the church, which is underneath an 18th century house may have been a clandestine Catholic church or other church hideout. Or, if it was built later, a World War II bunker. Or a bar. Or all three.** It is also suggested by a previous owner of the house that the “cross” is leftover beams from a renovation 25 years ago, but that it had been, at one time, a pub.***

*In fairness these were boarded up, so it’s not like several completely unobservant families failed to notice a set of stairs in their pantry. Also, I want to know why nothing awesome like this ever happens to me when I’ve been drinking.

**Oh, that’s a joke just waiting to happen. A priest, a Nazi and an Englishman walk into a bar…

***You can read about this here.

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