Lesson #111: Necrophilia

This post is probably a bit sacrilegious given that today is Easter, but it’s what I learned today, so…

Apparently necrophilia was such a problem in antiquity that the Egyptians would let bodies decompose for three or four days before the embalming/mummification process began. This is not just some random nothing website saying this. It is recorded in Herodotus’ fifth century work The Histories.

Also, Herod the Great*, according to legend, continued to have sex with his (first) wife’s corpse for seven years after he had her murdered. I can’t find any verification for this (not that I would), but this website has an interesting interpretation of Herod’s life in general.

*Who despite all his crazy and general viciousness, was actually responsible for a tremendous number of architectural engineering feats in the ancient world. That’s just something I happen to know. If you want more about it, you’re on your own. There’s baseball on…I’m not doing research on things I already know.

2 thoughts on “Lesson #111: Necrophilia

  1. Mike says:

    What was the purpose of letting the bodies decompose for several days befor embalming or mumification? Was it to let people have their way before taking the body away? To make the bodies less tempting before preserving them?… Inquiring minds want to know.

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