Lesson #99: M&Ms

Today’s lesson is in honour of today’s Facebook update (in which I stated that I only eat M&Ms in groups of four, a completely true statement), which has sparked a fun discussion among my friends.*

M&Ms were first introduced in 1941 and packaged in tubes. The packaging was changed to the brown envelope we know and recognize now in 1948 and the first M imprinted candies were issued in 195o. Peanut M&Ms, the official candy of the Anonymous City Team press box game, the “melts in your mouth, not in your hand” slogan and the M&M candies characters were introduced — don’t think that the rise of television didn’t have something to do with the characters’ introduction. Colours were first introduced to the mix in 1960 when red, yellow and green were added to the standard brown colour; orange was added in 1976 and blue made it in 1995 (about the time tan made its exit). M&Ms made their international debut in 1980 and their astronomical debut in 1982 — apparently they have been on every shuttle since 1982, which is kind of awesome. Crispy M&Ms were introduced in 1999 and dark M&Ms came out in 2005. Over the course of a day, 400 million candies are produced.**

*It seems my ginger friends eat them by colour and my friends who I worked with for the baseball team in Texas associate them with a certain (one of many, but the one that didn’t involve gambling) game played with them by those of us in the press box for the better part of two seasons until a certain jerk of a power-tripping umpire (I’m talking to you, Woody!) lied to the general manager and put a damper on our fun — which I should add was completely innocent and no one ever got hurt…it was just a way for us to change things up a bit in the middle innings.

**Read more about the history of neminens here.

One thought on “Lesson #99: M&Ms

  1. Rachel says:

    Similarly to you, I have to eat them in even numbers so that there is an equal amount on each side of my mouth simultaneously; although four is not specifically required, it does happen often as sometimes I want more than two but six is really pushing it.

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