Lesson #95: Algae Farming

Autobiographical note: In 2003, I was living in a town in the Midwest that I absolutely hated. The job I had gone for had not worked out, I didn’t have many friends, I ended up working a tedious job that I actually really enjoyed, but it didn’t present any opportunity for me to learn new things, I had no cable and no internet at the house. So, I spent a few hours every weekend calling to friends I’d left in the mid-Atlantic just to maintain my sanity. Out of one of those conversation with a math whiz friend of mine came this idea (God knows how, but it’s not even a little surprising because we always have the most random conversations) to move to Wyoming and start an algae farm. We have t-shirts and everything!

I’m having a conversation with said friend today and she sends me this link about using algae as a bio fuel in the face of rising oil prices. We could have been rich if only we a. had been biologists and two people who gave up the natural sciences at 19 who just happened to have what seemed like a ridiculous idea and b. had had some serious funding! It seems that farming algae is a legitimate business. We were ahead of our time and we didn’t even know it.

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